DP POMPE DP POMPE main office DP Pompe s.r.l.  

D.P. Pompe is an italian metering pumps manifacture.
It operates in this market from over thirty-five years, and this long experience has allowed to become one of the leader in this sector.

All the pump's part are developped and realized by skilled personnel using last generation numerical control machining center, in order to guarantee high quality and reliability. Further, each pump is tested.

Its products find application in several segments, like petrolchemical, pharmaceutics and food industry, water treatment and pollution. The standard production includes mixers and dosing unit.

In the last Years D.P. Pompe has seen increasing interest about his items from several foreign company, currently its brand is recognized in many european and extraeuropean markets.

The headquarter is based in Cologno Monzese, in the Milan's outskirts, in the industrial zone, to 10 minutes from Linate Airport.

DP Pompe Headquarters